Building a full-auto Nerf Demolisher Part 1: Giving some love to the step-child of flywheel blasters

It’s no secret that the Nerf Demolisher is the most un-loved member of the semi-auto flywheel blaster family. But what’s not to love? Its got nearly the same trigger pull as its older brother the venerable Stryfe, the grip is extremely comfortable, and the sturdy stock is long enough to fit an adult. But that grenade launcher man – don’t get me wrong it’s fun to have a grenade launcher, which is arguably the Saving Grace and Achilles Heel of this outcast, until you have to run around with it. That thing makes the whole blaster incredibly unbalanced, the pump grip gets stupid loose, and the spare grenade in the stock ends up doubling as a pointy cheek rest.

Not ideal, but I see some hidden potential.

Been there, seen that.

Before we get all the way into this, it’s necessary to acknowledge the “not newness” of this idea, as a matter of fact none of what I’ve done to the Demolisher is an original thought. I’m happy to admit that I’m not overly focused on being the first to think of something. I am however focused on personal achievement, enjoyment, and quality workmanship. The way I’d describe my particular approach is: “The blasters your dad would build.”

Okay so the premise is clear, the Demolisher is unruly, unloved, and some other un-word. It would be nice if it didn’t feel like it had a 5 pound weight at the front, vendors like XSW have shown us that a gearmotor can be stuffed into a Stryfe — converting the manual pusher system into one driven by a rack and pinion, and let’s not forget that out of the box it sorta jams… a lot.


Can we see the full-auto goodness already? Yes, yes you may.

It’s alive.

Just like your favorite cooking gadget infomercial, I’ve used the magic of TV to deliver instant gratification – my prototype full-auto mule is already complete. This series is a retrospective rather than a real-time build log. My aim is to give you some insight into what this build took to complete by documenting my process, making note of the decisions I made while building, and the course corrections I made along the way.

Next time.

Building a full-auto Nerf Demolisher Part 2: The Demolisher Tear Down and The Build Plan.

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