Full-auto Demolisher: Shakedown report and build project update.

I’ve been doing stuff.

Since I’ve first introduced my build about 6 weeks ago, I’ve been doing three things.
1. Running darts through it as much as possible – I’m somewhere in the ~1700+ range now.
2. Making new parts and refining existing ones in preparation for a second build.
3. Breaking it.

Yep, I already broke it.

After what I think might’ve been ~1400 or so darts the pusher developed a crack and broke. When it first happened I expected the gearmotor to have crapped out, happily it was a flaw in the design of the pusher that led to the failure. This is a fixable problem.

Peace out pusher version 1.2. You can see that it was actually the force being applied at the gear rack that killed the pusher.

A quick fix adds a little more meat to distribute the force the gear rack takes when the pinion initially engages.

I get it, you don’t like the stock.

The Demolisher is no favorite son. And while the list of gripes is no where near damning for me, there is one that I can see merit in having. That stock, especially when there is no launcher to justify that hole, falls just short of what it could be. But you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water because it fits like no other stock in all of Nerfdom does. The mount was clearly sculpted to follow the lines of the shell, it’s not just another repurposed accessory slapped on – Alpha Trooper CS-6 Mission Kit I’m looking at you.

Will you just look at it.

Just enough texture.

Yes, those are linear rod bearings.

Can it flow with the lines of the blaster any more?

I’m gonna need a bigger battery.

Now that I have my hands on some MTB Rhinos I’ll be needing a larger battery to support them. Time to make a battery door.

I call it ode to the Flux Capacitor.

Like it was always there.

The Oblongs is more than just the name of a good show.

Just lay there for me.



  1. Matt K says:

    Nice work on Auto pusher, keep at it 😁.
    The stock is SEXY AS HELL let NO ONE speak ill of it.
    It has nice simple lines and potential for a mag well accessory later down the track.

    Keep up the good work….

  2. Micah Ting says:

    Thanks for posting your work. I’ve been messing with doing the same thing on a Stryfe and using an Arduino to give it a select fire mechanism. I’ve been struggling with the gear and pinion design for awhile now. Seems like every iteration I’ve made the teeth are too tight and bind up. How did you design yours?

  3. Blitz says:

    So are you going to release the files? Your work, explanations and pictures are stellar, but ultimately don’t do much good unless you release them. They look like really nice parts, but most of this writeup is useless without it in terms of aesthetics.

  4. hunter dail says:

    Do you think you could print all of the green pieces so I can do this to my Demolisher mainly because I don’t have a 3d printer nor do I know anyone with one

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